About us


Culinary Art of Living is a Czech printed magazine published by an independent publishing company MAJVEJ 2012 since 2012. The magazine deals with gastronomy, culinary arts on a professional level and topics related to this lifestyle. It addresses not only professionals but also the general public, who is looking for new experiences associated with restaurant visits and events around good food.

Gastronomy and culinary arts in general are a hobby of many people today and we offer them a printed media that presents it with respect. We also offer presentation to all who work in this area and hope that our work supports people’s desire and determination to move the boundaries of gastronomy forward. We believe that gastronomy is a part of cultural heritage that deserves to stay alive and would unfortunately vanish without support.


Behind the project of Culinary Art of Living stands Lukáš Vegricht, who has more than 15 years of experience in a professional kitchen. After ten years working in Australia, he returned to the Czech Republic, where he began to work on Culinary Art of Living. The background for publishing is provided by his family company: they own an independent publishing house, operating on the Czech market for more than 15 years. The idea of the project appealed to the leading Czech chefs, culinary correspondents and journalists who later became the editors of Culinary Art of Living. Among the first were an acclaimed chef Tomáš Kalina and a respected culinary journalist Milan Ballik. They determined the direction which we took and became an integral part of the magazine. Another important ingredient to our recipe are photographs that are taken care of by Mikuláš Gottwald, who specializes in food photography, from the very beginning.

Main Course

The magazine provides articles and reports from leading Czech and foreign chefs. We offer interesting recipes created exclusively for us. The main objective is to promote new faces on the Czech gastronomic scene, who thanks to our collaboration, get into the subconscious of guests and restaurant owners. It also offers restaurant reviews, interviews with inspiring gastronomy professionals, ideas from the bar scene or articles with wine theme. Articles on travel and life-style are also presented and of course, exclusively prepared by our editorial team.

Sweet Finale

Since we started the project we had an opportunity to collaborate with many Czech chefs and discover new talents on our scene. Thanks to this, we created an archive of more than 400 meals, which maps the development of the Czech gastronomic scene. We also believe that we are an inspiration for many chefs: both professional and amateur.

What we see as our great success is the cooperation with international chefs that we introduced Czech readers for the first time ever. We brought a report from the German Aqua restaurant (3 Michelin stars), led by Sven Elverfeld, regarded as the best chef in Germany. Another distinguished name of the German gastronomy, who made his debut with us, was Tim Raue from Tim Raue restaurant (2 Michelin stars). Other big names that found our project appealing were Andoni Luis Aduriz of the Spanish restaurant Mugaritz (2 Michelin stars), Joachim Wissler of the German restaurant Vendôme (3 Michelin stars), Roca brothers of the Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin stars), Heinz Reitbauer of the Austrian restaurant Steirereck (2 Michelin stars), Alain Weissgerber of the Austrian restaurant Taubenkobel, Thomas Bühner of the German restaurant La Vie (3 Michelin stars). We visited all these restaurants with our photographer and “eternalized” them for Czech readers. Sven Elverfeld said that “he hasn’t seen such a beautiful magazine for a long time and that is honored to be a part of it”.

Our work is slowly getting known by the world gastronomy and culinary elite, and thus represents the Czech Republic and the renome of not only our gastronomy but our culture in general, and we think that our biggest success.


Culinary Art of Living also participated in organizing Symposium Culinary Prague, the first-ever culinary symposium in the Czech Republic. Held on 23 October 2014, it brought to Prague the elite of world gastronomy.

The lecturers were Andoni Luis Aduriz (2 Michelin stars), Henning Hartwig (3 Michelin stars), Thomas Bühner (3 Michelin stars), Denis Martin (1 Michelin star), Vito Mollica (1 Michelin star), Oldřich Sahajdák (1 Michelin star) and Lukáš Skála (the best pastry chef in CZ). The event was attended by more than 300 participants and was written into history as the first of its kind with the greatest participation of Michelin chefs.